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John Wragg is based in Findhorn, near Forres and Elgin in Moray, Scotland


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IP Options Processing
Hosts call procedure ipdstopts to handle options in arriving datagrams. Although our procedure does not implement option processing, it parses the option length octets and deletes the options field fr...

LANs for Organizational Needs
The earlier manifestations of the PC-based LANs, by way of contrast, were not designed to provide connectivity except to a file server and to other micros on the network.

Choosing Broadband Technologies
Each broadband technology has its strengths and weaknesses.

Periodic TCP/IP Routing Table Maintenance
The system initiates a periodic sweep of the routing table to decrement time-to-live values and dispose of routes that have expired. Procedure rttimer implements the periodic update.

Basic Network Topologies
It is possible for a single communications system to provide communications for two or more concurrently operating computer networks. I will review several characteristic (although oversimplified) net...


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John Wragg now lives in Findhorn near Forres in Moray, Scotland.
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